Here at Mitex our mission is to deliver the very best quality building supplies to our customers, but we also strive to provide marketing, educational, and logistic solutions for our distributors.

Take your company brand to the next level with your own Private Label. Have you thought about what kind of statement it would make to your customers if you had your own label on the products you carry? Private labeling allows you to provide a unique experience that builds brand loyalty and promotes high customer retention.

Our operations facility is equipped to private label our Mitee brand of sealants and tape, while completely adhering to all your companies branding initiatives with no restriction on amount of color on labels with no minimum quantity. Supply your own design or have the Mitex marketing team to design the label for you!

There would be no identifiers on the products that would lead your customer to believe that this is anything but your own brand of supplies. All labels, case labels, part numbers, and SKUs would be custom catered to your business.

The idea is simple: Build your brand, sell more product.